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18 Aug, 2020

Virtual Private Servers

Due to increasing demand, we're now offering Virtual Private Servers as well! Check out the VPS section for more info!

1 Jul, 2020

More servers available!

We've just finished racking up and connecting a dozen of 4-core/8 threads E3-1270v2 @ 3.5Ghz (3.9Ghz Turbo Boost) with 32GB RAM.

Get in touch for more info!

2 June, 2020

We now offer dedicated Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB RAM!

Our experience has always been that Raspberry Pi's are slow (in so many ways), has little memory, and on top of that, the memory cards break easily.

Then, version 4 with 8GB RAM arrived.

With improved memory bandwidth, a dedicated saturable 1Gbps network card and the ability to boot from SSD (USB3), we are now proud to offer dedicated servers using this piece of well-engineered hardware.

It comes pre-installed with the OS of your choice (Raspbian, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi OS or whatever suits your needs).

You can also order it preinstalled with our special Svea-based image for additional security and privacy, free of charge.

Interested in Raspberry Pi 4 dedicated hosting? Drop us a line!

19 May, 2020

More dedicated servers available!

Each equipped with dual E5-2620 (12 cores / 24 threads) & 64GB RAM. Upgradeable to 1TB RAM. get in touch with us for more info!

7 Apr, 2020

New website!

To communicate our services better we have just finished our new website. Get in touch with us if you have questions, suggestions or feature requests!

11 Mar, 2020

More dedicated servers.

We are happy to announce that we have 10 more dedicated servers available (E3-1220-V3, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD) with up to 10gbit speeds available. Contact us directly for a quote.