Swedish Integrity-Focused Colocation & Dedicated Servers

Our mission is to provide an unbiased and integrity focused hosting experience.

We firmly believe everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

If it is legal in Sweden, we will host it.

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Our Services

Dedicated servers

We offer customized, dedicated servers for affordable prices with 100mbps to 100gbps connectivity.


Want to bring your own server? Colocate it at our fully redundant Stockholm datacenter.

Technical expertise

We have decades worth of technical expertise available in case you stumble upon any problems, or need to optimize your application or infrastructure.

Our principles

We have grown confident on our principles for a successful hosting partnership:

  • High customer confidentiality (trust is key).
  • Rapid & personal support.
  • Great connectivity
  • To always listen and be flexible on customer needs.

We will assist with any aspect of your hosting experience.

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Why choose us?

Experience matters.

We have a solid background in infrastructure, software and hardware customization, and also share a passion for privacy and security.

We are there when things break.

Be it from faulty upgrades, misconfigurations or malfunctioning code. Being our client means you get access to competent people that care - providing top of the line support in helping solve your problems.
There are no 1:st or 2:nd-line support. We're all third-line, and we are ready to assist when things go haywire.

Redundant Network

We run our own fully multi-homed backbone network (AS41634) in our datacenter located at the heart of Stockholm, with redundant connectivity, electricity & cooling.

Modern payments

Besides credit card, wire transfer & PayPal, we also offer payments using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Customer testimonials

That is the tricky part of running a hosting business with focus on integrity. We never disclose our customers unless they explicitly want to, so all we can say is this: Our customers range from smaller setups using a few kilobits, to large and fully redundant setups utilizing tens of Gbps.